Denizens Of The Open Water Meet

Denizens Of The Open Water Meet

Mohammad Hossein Bibi Kobadi, a 34-year-old swimming and diving coach, is now over 80% of the way over with his 1000K assisted stage swim in the Persian Gulf from the Strait of Hormuz to Arvand Kenar along the coast of southeastern Iran.

His course for his solo Persian Gulf Swim on left.

Originally scheduled to take 100 days, he has swum an average of 11.6K over the first 72 days of his stage swim in the Persian Gulf, fueled throughout by green tea, dates, figs, nuts, wheat puree soup and bananas and making lots of friends along the way.

He has traversed a total of 838K in all kinds of conditions and under myriad situations, sometimes within a shark cage and sometimes with jellyfish, but he still has the opportunity to meet other mammals along the way.

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Steven Munatones