Derek Yach Continues To Swim With A Cause

Derek Yach Continues To Swim With A Cause

Derek Yach loves swimming; always has, always will. He comes from an aquatic family* and crossed the 33.5 km English Channel in 9 hours 48 minutes in 1987.

The South African He has completed numerous open water swims in many countries. He explains, “I usually link my swims to a cause that I feel an affinity for. That started in Cape Town when my swims to Robben Island raised funds for the University of Cape Town-run health clinics in the townships, and continued with many swims across the Long Island Sound to support St Vincent’s Cancer programs.

Next month on September 17th, I will participate in the Liberty to Freedom race, a swim from the World Trade Center around the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to raise funds for the Tenement Museum. Having visited it several times I share their deep commitment to celebrate the value and lives of immigrants who contributed substantially to building this great country. I know many of you share these values and hope you’ll consider supporting them through the vehicle of my swim.

For more information and to donate, visit here. The Liberty to Freedom Swim is one of the World’s Top 100 River Swims.

* To learn more about Dr. Yach, read on here.

The Tenement Museum stands as a monument to the struggles, triumphs, and resilience of ordinary immigrants and the centrality of their experiences to the American story. The aim is to build an inclusive and expansive American identity and believe that the exploration of its complex history — one with moments of both inclusion and exclusion — helps prepare people to recognize and discuss today’s complex issues with empathy and nuance.

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