Diabetic Swims Around The World

T. Scott Coleman with Insuling Dependent Diabetes continues to swim around the world. A member of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, Scott crossed the Strait of Gibraltar Strait in 4 hours and 2 minutes. “He had stellar conditions for the first half of the swim with escorts of dolphin pods, Pilot whales, sun fish and even some 30′ other whales below him,” recalled his brother. “The wind kicked up the secnd half of the swim,but he powered through to become what appears to be the fastest time for an Insulin Dependent Diabetic person to swim Gibraltar.” With the English Channel, Catalina Channel, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, Cook Strait, Tampa Bay 24-mile Marathon Swim, Long Island Sound 25K, Swim Around Key West under his cap, diabetes seems to be no obstacle for the 57-year-old. Copyright © 2011 by Open Water Source
Steven Munatones