Diana Nyad And Cuba, 1978 To The Present

Diana Nyad And Cuba, 1978 To The Present

Diana Nyad’s first attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida was in 1978 when she swam over 41 hours covering 76 miles before she was pulled out.

Then, after a long career in journalism and television where she traveled the world and covered the Olympics, she returned to the sport in 2010.

She garnered a lot of media attention as she trained at the age of 60 for her second attempt at Cuba swim. Train as she might, no window of opportunity opened up for her from July to September of that year. Thwarted but undaunted, she continued training for attempt #2 in 2011.

In August 2011, her second try was doomed when she was badly stung by box jellyfish. 29 hours after starting, she was pulled vowing to try again. In September, she tried again, only to be stopped again by box jellyfish after a little more than 30 hours in the water. She got out and had to receive emergency help. Determined to finish the swim, she got back in at the point where she got out for a stage swim, but called the swim after another nearly 11 hours in the water.

She will start her fourth attempt on this coming Sunday morning just after daybreak. It will be the first time she will start a swim in the morning, so perhaps this may bode for a different outcome?

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