Diana Nyad’s Third And Final Day At Sea

The Caribbean Sea is not as cooperative as in days past. The glassy flat conditions have given way to a slight oncoming chop and increasingly large ocean swells. The straight-line shot to Key West has given way to a Gulf Stream push that is sending Nyad out towards the Atlantic Ocean with little hope of hitting the Florida Keys.

Diana swam 150-160 laborious, non-stop strokes at a time, but her stoppage time is nearly as long. Her powerful arm strokes of Day One has transformed to her hands slipping through the water.

Her streamlined body position, augmented by a 4-beat kick early on, has converted to an angular position with her hips far below the water’s surface. Her regular discussions with her team had been replaced by regular bouts of breathing through an oxygen mask provided by doctors on board and donated by the University of Miami.

By 8 am on the third day, Nyad was the epitome of will power. There was no logical reason why or how a 62-year-old woman should be able to physically do what Nyad was attempting.

Or is there?

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Steven Munatones