Diana's Powerful Message And Friends

Diana’s Powerful Message And Friends

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Diana Nyad’s latest radio update on her incredible 24-hour marathon test swim of July 10th. Nyad unveiled some amazing insight about her swim which can be heard as a podcast or on-demand here along with a video here.

Nyad says, “I swear to you there was never … a one minute stretch that I didn’t feel strong, both emotionally and physically. I just powered my way through it.”

But her swim was not as easy as was previously reported for she had to be carried on board the boat. 24 hours in the open ocean for a 60-year-old has its issues, even for Diana. “When you stop, a couple of things happen — your blood pressure and your pulse that have been pushing, they drop radically, and now all of a sudden blood doesn’t go to your brain, and if you’re not feeling well but you’ve been disguising it with adrenaline and the push, it all comes to you. If two minutes before I stopped stroking you asked ‘could you go another 24 hrs,’ I would’ve said yeah. But three minutes after I stopped I was sick as a dog…I took an IV from a nurse on board, who gave me 4 liters of fluid that’s how much I was dehydrated.”

Nyad has some very powerful allies on her side – which she is calling to help for she still doesn’t have permission from both Cuba and the US to embark on this expedition. On the American side, the Treasury Department must give its approval. “Every day I fax in more bureaucratic paperwork, but Hillary Clinton herself called Treasury which is under the State Department, and said ‘I’d appreciate if you’d expedite this paperwork and get this thing done,’ so I’m assuming they’ll come through. On the Cuba side, they said they’d welcome [the paperwork], but it’s unnerving not to have it in place.”

Photo credit of Diana by Marc Goldstein.

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