Diego López Wins Swim For Haiti Before Continents Seven

Diego López Wins Swim For Haiti Before Continents Seven

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Just prior to setting off on his Continents Seven global tour, Diego López Dominguez defended his title by winning the 10 km race at the Swim for Haiti event on January 28th for the second year in a row.

From Haiti, he returned to New York and then worked his way to the 25 km Port to Pub race in Western Australia by training in Waikiki Beach (Hawaii), Tauranga (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia), and during finishing third overall in the 2.6 km Sand to Surf race in Mount Maunganui (New Zealand) in his build-up to the Port to Pub.

The 2018 Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub was cancelled due to exceedingly rough water conditions, but López is still pushing forward with his plans. “On the way back, I chose to fly via the Atlantic Ocean, so this will represent my second Round-The-World trip in six months – this time westbound and in 12 days.”

Official 10 km Results:
1 Diego López Dominguez (Spain) 2 hours 28 minutes
2 Devon Peavoy (Canada) 2 hours 53 minutes
3 Bill Ireland (USA) 3 hours 0 minutes
4 Naomy Grand’Pierre (Haiti) 3 hours 8 minutes
5 Maureen Holohan (USA) 3 hours 21 minutes
6 Dr. Marc Bisseck (USA) 3 hours 25 minutes
7 Benjamin Tam (USA) 4 hours 1 minutes
8 Oliver Lee (USA) 4 hours 30 minutes
9 Kristine Buckley (USA) 4 hours 55 minutes
DNF Gary Emich (USA)
DNF Callum Giblett

Official 1.5 km Top 10 Results
1 Spencer Driscoll 16:00
2 Danielle Bisseck 19:00
3 Antony Noel 20:00
4 Fritz Ariel Moise 22:00
5 Salim Loxley 24:00
6 Genevieve Duvivier F N 0:25:00
7 Richard Fournier 25:00
8 Papy Dossous 25:00
9 Alejandro Allonce 26:00
10 Susan Bisseck 27:00

The Swim for Haiti event raised money for Watering Minds, an organization that subsidizes clean water for schools in Haiti.

To follow López on the Continents Seven, visit here.

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