Difficult Coogee To Bondi Swim Shortened

Difficult Coogee To Bondi Swim Shortened

Greg Whitman, an American living in Australia, reports from the 5K Coogee to Bondi Beach Swim. “The conditions got the better of the 317 entrants. After an hour and fifteen minute delay and a course restructuring, 159 swimmers finally crossed the finish line.

Because of the conditions and concerns for safety, the course was shortened to a 3.2K two-loop, protected swim within Coogee Bay. While the addition of a third loop would have brought the distance closer to the original 5K distance, it was the safety of the swimmers that took priority. After consulting with the authorities and lifeguards, the original Coogee to Bondi course was abandoned in the torrid rainfall and strong winds.

Australian two-way English Channel swimmer Chloë McCardel, fresh off her record-setting 60-lap, 48K practice swim in Bondi, presented the awards. The top 5 men and women are below:

1. Bradley Horrey, 33:20
2. Tood Menzel, 34:48
3. Lochie Hinds, 35:45
4. Don Boland, 35:47
5. Iain Melhuish, 36:19

1. Luane Rowe, 35:49
2. Louise Stevenson, 36:02
3. Liliana Guiscardo, 39:29
4. Sabrina Warwar, 40:30
5. Kirsty Thomson, 40:32

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