Dillane And The Dolphins

Dillane And The Dolphins

Dillane And The Dolphins

Photo courtesy of Domnick Walsh.

In the 21 km journey from Fastnet to Baltimore in Ireland, Elaine Burrows Dillane was Walkerized; a pod of dolphins joined her along the 7 hour 45 minute swim on her August 12th crossing.

She recalled, “I could nearly touch them. They were swimming under my belly and coming up and jumping next to me. “It was electric it was just so soothing and calming.”

Fastnet Rock is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean and the most southerly point of Ireland. The course is one of the World’s Top 100 Island Swims, so named by the World Open Water Swimming Association.

The mother of two joins Stephen Redmond, Sean Murray, Eoin O’Sullivan, Noel Browne, Nathan Timmins, and Maeve Mulcahy to complete the challenge.

For those who wish to challenge themselves to Fastnet Rock, visit www.fastnetswim.com.

On July 20th, Stephen Redmond, the King of Fastnet Rock, completed an unprecedented 44 km lollipop swim that started in Baltimore, circumnavigated Fastnet Rock, and then finished in Baltimore 15 hours 35 minutes later. He redeemed himself after being defeated by jellyfish after 36 km in his first lollipop attempt in August 2018.

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