Dimitris Negris Wins The Santorini Experience

Dimitris Negris Wins The Santorini Experience

Courtesy of Loukas Hapsis and Harris Linardos, Santorini Experience, Greece.

Dimitris Negris won the Santorini Experience, a 1.6 km sea swim held on Santorini Island (Cyclades Group of Islands) in Greece on October 8th.

More than 1,500 amateurs and pros from 40 countries including many Australia, UK, Germany, France, USA, Canada, China, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and Hong Kong and Mányoki Attila from Hungary raced from the volcano on Santorini Island to the finish at the old port of Fira. Even with difficult weather conditions, Nikos Gemelos oversaw the safety with 50 specialized escort boats in the water including the Lifeguard Patrol, local volunteers from Santorini with their own boats, the Voluntary Lifeguards of Santorini, Atlantis Dive Center and the Santorini Boatmen Union.

Top 10 Results:
1. Dimitris Negris 16:32
2. Dimitris Manions 16:39
3. Andreas Georgakopoulos 16:46
4. Kelly Araouzou 16:52 [first woman]
5. Georgios Arniakos 16:59
6. Dimitrios Mouzakis 17:05
7. Evangelos Marrygiannis 17:09
8. Michail Diasitis 17:14
9. Antonis Fokaidis 17:21

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