Dipping At The Ponds: Patrick McLennan Explains On WOWSA Live

Dipping At The Ponds: Patrick McLennan Explains On WOWSA Live

Dipping At The Ponds: Patrick McLennan Explains On WOWSA Live

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Whether it is dipping or marathon swimming, swimming brings people together,” observed WOWSA Live host and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairman Ned Denison.

New Zealand filmmaker and cold water swimmer Patrick McLennan then explained how the unique ambiance and culture developed in and around the waters of Hampstead Heath in London during today’s WOWSA Live.

Together with Samuel Smith at Laser Guided Productions, they made a documentary film about the personable characters who regularly enjoy the waters of Hampstead Heath year-round in London. Their film called THE PONDS, Still Waters Run Deep, became a hit in England and is now available worldwide on Vimeo or on the www.thepondsfilm.com website.

The Ponds was initially released to packed theaters at the Everyman Cinema in in the UK in 2019. It was subsequently screened on the BBC and is being released worldwide during 2020.

As an outdoor swimmer based in London, I’ve made a film about the year-round swimmers at the enigmatic, historic Hampstead ponds in central London,” said McLennan. “The ponds are not about competition, although a fair number of Channel swimmers have trained there over the years. They’re about the community of the cold water buzz and the mental and physical benefits of outdoor swimming.”

Watch the trailer www.thepondsfilm.com.

Find out why Hampstead Heath outdoor swimming film The Ponds was described by The Guardian newspaper as ‘full of uncomplicated happiness in a way most documentaries aren’t’ by streaming the film today.

Rent The Ponds around the world (except the UK and Ireland) from Vimeo on Demand.

Rent it in the UK and Ireland from Curzon Home Cinema.

If any swimming club or group would like to host their own screening, contact The Ponds producers at info@thepondsfilm.com.

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