Discover Swimming In Strauss Style

Discover Swimming In Strauss Style

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Millions of people love swimming with a deep passion. They appreciate the feel of the water, the buoyancy it provides, the healthy lifestyle it helps produce, and the muscle tone it helps develops.

Whether in Rio or in Rotterdam, Barcelona or Boston, Sydney or Seattle, swimmers are generally happy, well-adjusted individuals with a glow and zest for life and those around them.

But there are few with the oomph and dynamism for swimming like Swim Miami‘s Robert Strauss. Formerly a world-class pool swimmer, Strauss has developed the Swim Gym in Miami and shared his enthusiasm and energy with thousands in Florida.

Whether it is in the pool at the Swim Gym or in the open water at the annual Swim Miami, Strauss not only leads the horses to the water, but he also gets them to learn all four strokes and smile when it is all over.

The esprit de corps he has generated among the over 45,000 young children he has taught over the decades is a magic potion that is derived by his deep-seated exhilaration for all things aquatic. He has finally taken his experiences and fervor for swimming and published a brilliant book, Discovering Swimming.

Discovering Swimming explains and shows readers the various methodologies, drills and skills, language and philosophy of an effective swimming program. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to get those terrified of the water to enjoy swimming gracefully and enjoyably.

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Steven Munatones