Discover the International Swimming Marathon Port-Burgas

Discover the International Swimming Marathon Port-Burgas

Immerse yourself in the charm of this exceptional event, taking place in the picturesque harbor of Port-Burgas in Bulgaria on July 8, 2023. Swimmers are treated to a protected course, shielded by a breakwater that ensures calm waters and ideal racing conditions. What sets this marathon apart is the ability to witness the entire course from land, allowing friends and family to provide unwavering support to each participant.

Unparalleled Organization and Collaboration

The 1k and 3k distances will be expertly organized by the legendary Bulgarian swimmer, Tsanko Tsankov. As a world and European record holder in 12-hour non-stop swimming and the first Bulgarian to conquer the Strait of Gibraltar, Tsanko brings unrivaled experience to the event. Collaborating with the Municipality of Burgas, Port of Burgas, and the Naval Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria, the organizers have ensured a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Exploring Burgas and Beyond

Traveling to the event is made easy with the assistance of the organizers, who can help you find the perfect hotel in Burgas and provide recommendations for exploring the stunning attractions along Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea coast. Uncover the natural beauty and rich culture of Burgas, where a short walk from the swim route leads you to the breathtaking Sea Garden. From there, enjoy awe-inspiring ocean views encompassing the entirety of Burgas Bay and the enchanting island of St. Anastasia. Delve further into history by venturing a short drive to discover the remnants of Roman and Ottoman rule scattered throughout the region.

A Perfect Experience for First-Time Swimmers

If you’re a first-time swimmer, fear not! Prepare for an unforgettable experience perfectly tailored to beginners. While the event maintains its competitive edge with a total prize money of 20,000 Euros, the calm waters and shorter distances provide an ideal starting point. The course is thoughtfully marked with 7 buoys, and swimmers are supported by a wealth of companion boats and kayaks. Your safety is of utmost importance, with well-trained support staff on land and in the water ensuring a secure environment.

Celebrating Success and Enjoying the Journey

Every successful finisher of the Port-Burgas Swimming Marathon will be rewarded with a medal, a commemorative T-shirt, and delightful gifts from our esteemed sponsors.

Join us in this remarkable sporting and emotional journey, carefully orchestrated by the dedicated race director.

“Our mission is to deliver an open water event of the highest professional caliber, allowing you to not only indulge in your passion for swimming but also enjoy an unforgettable vacation in our beautiful country. Experience the unique Bulgarian culture, spirit, cuisine, and hospitality.”

Tsanko Tsankov

Event Sponsors

This event is made possible by the generous support of sponsors including Red Bull, Isosport, MelliGel, Burgas Municipality, Port Burgas, Born Winner, Iceberg Water, Mall Galleria, Decathlon, Delfina, Romance Pizza, and Huub.

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