Dive In, Swim Across, Walk Out - Powerful Penny Palfrey

Dive In, Swim Across, Walk Out – Powerful Penny Palfrey

Penny Palfrey‘s team shed additional light on her world across the Straits of Florida. She has swum 75.26 nautical miles (86.6 miles or 139 km) and continues to swim strongly and steadily towards the Florida Keys.

The estimated time of her landing, if her pace continues and calculations remain correct, is between 2 pm – 6 pm local time on on Sunday evening. Her finish location is best determined after sunrise on Sunday.

Her mouth hurts but other then that she is great,” reported Captain Bob aboard the Sunluver. The swim is now estimated to take the 49-year-old Australian between 55 – 59 hours. For such a swim to be successful, everything has to fall in place…and so far, it has.

Her weather team called the perfect time to start her swim, after Tropical Storm Debbie.

Her escort team has precisely calculated her precise speed and utilized the sea conditions and currents to her advantage.

Her strength – both mental and physical – has supported her non-stop the equivalent distance of 5 English Channels non-stop.

Her feedings every 30 minutes are a study in flawless execution providing her with optimal caloric boosts.

Her mental acuity has not faltered even as hammerhead sharks loomed below and jellyfish made their presence known throughout the night.

Her pain threshold remains high as the salt water was pressed on her mouth, tongue and lips like branding irons.

Australian media are jetting over to Key West as fast as they can. With the speed that Palfrey is showing, they better get there fast.

Photo of Penny Palfrey swimming in tranquil waters off the coast of Cuba by Str / EPA

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