Do You Have GILLS?

Do You Have GILLS?

GILLS is a science fiction adventure novel with a focus on swimming. GILLS is a story for pre-teens, teenagers and young adults.

It is a story of self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-acceptance,” explains author K.M. MacKinnon. “One day, the heroine is a typical student going to school, swimming on the swim team and chatting on her phone, and the next day she is on a breathless adventure to save her life and the lives of her siblings.”

MacKinnon is a writer, ghost-writer, bibliophile and blogger based in California who is using crowdfunding at Kickstarter for financing.

MacKinnon explains her inspiration for the book, “I have loved swimming since I was a toddler. You couldn’t keep me out of the pool. Now I swim for exercise and love of the water and ocean, and I love snorkeling and scuba. The idea for the book came to me because I kept imagining what it would be like to be able to swim underwater without a tank or holding my breath….just with gills. Our heroine discovers she has some amazing gifts … the gills are just the beginning of her super powers.”

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