Do You Have Your Passport?

FINA approved a pilot project for the creation of an Athlete’s Biological Passport, the most advanced tool in the fight against doping in sports.

The Athlete’s Biological Passport allows the establishment of a longitudinal study and haematological profile on each athlete with the aim of detecting if blood manipulations are done in order to carry a higher percentage of oxygen (thus masking any intake of forbidden substances).

With this new tool, FINA will definitively remain at the forefront of the doping fight in sport. We have had a leading role among International Federations on this matter over the last years and we want to continue our successful strategy. Following the experts’ advice on these issues, FINA is certainly taking the right step in strengthening the battle against cheaters,” stated FINA President Dr. Julio Maglione in a press release.

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Steven Munatones