Do You Skew Left Or Skew Right?

Do You Skew Left Or Skew Right?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

In the open water, do you tend to swim to the right or swim to the left?

Do you know?

If you are directionally-challenged and are (seemingly) incapable of swimming straight in an open body of water without lifting your head frequently, do you know the fundamental reasons why you skew left or right?

Is your veering left or veering right caused by one factor – or a number of factors?

Is it due to an imbalance in your swimming stroke when you are pulling more efficiently or more strongly on one side versus the other? Is it due to a suboptimal positioning of your head, perhaps due to your breathing pattern? Do you pull outwards upon your hand entry and lack of a straight hand path in you arm stroke? Do you have an uncontrollable cross-over kick where one or both of your feet are not kicking up and down in the vertical motion? Are there adverse currents, waves or wind that are pushing you off the straight-line tangent? Do you have a breathing pattern that leads to a non-streamlined or imbalanced body position?

Once you or your coach can identify the reasons for swimming off the straight-line tangent, then you can work towards tweaking your stroke and swimming straight(er).

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