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Let’s Warm Up First!

Before claiming your profile or adding a new profile to WOWSA, press the Register Now! button in the navigation to create a user profile (not the same as a listing).

It’s FREE!

You will be sent an email to confirm your email address and you will be able to Login and see your very cool profile dashboard. You can upload a profile photo, cover photo, make comments, favorite and leave reviews.

Search For Your Listing #

If we have already added your profile (swimmer, coach, association, event) to the directory, it’s easy to claim your listing.

Use the search box below to check if we have already added your listing. If so, go to your listing page while logged in and click “Claim This Listing” in the sidebar and submit the form. Once your claim is approved you will be able to manage and update your WOWSA listing from your dashboard.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions. Our support team is here to help you.

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