How to Add a Listing [First Time Users]

Register First #

Let’s Warm Up First!

Before claiming your profile or adding a new profile to WOWSA, press the Register Now! button in the navigation to create a user profile (not the same as a listing).

It’s FREE!

You will be sent an email to confirm your email address and you will be able to Login and see your very cool profile dashboard. You can upload a profile photo, cover photo, make comments, favorite and leave reviews.

Click “Add a Listing” Button #

From your dashboard click the “Add a Listing” button in the navigation.

If it is the first time make sure you have confirmed your email address.

Agree to Terms [First Time Users] #

For first time users you need to agree to terms and conditions and view privacy policy. Click “Submit”.

 Click “Take Me to Add Listing Page”.

Choose a Listing Type #

Click “Submit”. Click “Take Me To Add the Listings” page then choose a profile type – Swim Community Member, Coach, Upcoming Event, World Top 100 or Association.

Choose a Listing Plan #

Choose a listing plan. There are a variety of listing plans. From Free to Pro. You can sell products, courses, training and take part in our community Zoom meetings.

Fill in Listing Details #

Add your swim details, logo, cover photo, biography, images, videos, contact details, location and add yourself to a category. Contact us if you need help.

Pay and Publish #

Click “Pay and Publish” (bottom right). You will be able to manage and update your listing from your user dashboard.

Need Help? #

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Our support team is here to help you.

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