Doctor Outpaces Daughter At Faros Maratón

Doctor Outpaces Daughter At Faros Maratón

Dr. Josip Aralica and his 16-year-old daughter Lucija, swam the 38th annual Faros Maratón together.

Not stroke-for-stroke, but it was a friendly match race with the professional marathon swim in Croatia.

This was Josip’s third race in the 16 km Faros Maratón, but it was Lucija’s first attempt. With Lucija training with Olympic marathon swimming coach Slaven Šitić, he predicted, “She will try to beat her father. But the way she is training, Josip has no chance.”

But the good doctor outpaced his daughter 3:52:15 to 3:56:45…this time. Next time, watch out for the next generation.

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Steven Munatones