Documenting Open Water History In The Farallons

Documenting Open Water History In The Farallons

Karen Rogers, undoubtedly one of the most courageous adventurers in the world today, will attempt to the first person to swim from the rugged Farallons to Aquatic Park in San Francisco. Her trailblazing effort comes 43 years after Stuart Evans and Ted Erikson made the first and only crossings from the Farallons in 1967

Her attempt will be the subject of a full-length documentary and a PBS television special to be aired later.

Whether on film, on television or in person, Rogers’ swim will be something spectacular to watch. Besides the upspring of frigid water that surround the Farallons, a group of islands 43 km (27 miles) west of the Golden Gate Bridge, a healthy community of a variety of seals and sea lions attract a large number of whales of various sorts and predatory Great White Sharks to the Farallon Islands.

Rogers will not be wearing a black swimsuit on her journey.

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