Doing The Full Monty In The Open Water Day And Night

Doing The Full Monty In The Open Water Day And Night

Way back in the day, the world’s best professional marathon swimmers used to compete in a two-person 24-hour relay in the famous La Tuque race in Quebec, Canada. Round and round the swimmers went in the small circular lake, pushing themselves to go as far as they could for one 24-hour period.

Now amateurs can do something similar for a good cause.

At the 2Swim4Life event in the Guildford Lido in Surrey, England, swimmers will swim one mile on the hour for 24 hours on behalf on Help for Heroes (the ‘Full Monty’).

On April 30th, starting at 9:30 am and ending 24 hours later, the event is aimed at adults swimmers over the age of 25 years, but 18-24 year old swimmers can also enter and swim a mile on the hour for 12 hours (from 9:30 on Saturday to 9:30 am on Sunday). But, as the organizers forewarn, “This is not a paddle in the pool – this is hard, challenging and needs cold water acclimatization. It is 24 hours swimming a mile on the hour and whatever is left, is the rest period.”

The organizers will start the swimmers in two waves, each starting every 30 minutes. The first ten swimmers at 10-second intervals on the clock per lane. The next ten swimmers per lane will start on the half past the hour. Over night, the pool will open up to ten lanes where additional swimmers can join in and swim 12 miles in 12 hours under the same format. The event is limited to the first 100 swimmers for the 24-hour event and another 100 for the 12-hour event.

Like the La Tuque race, the swimmers will have a swim buddy, but this buddy will be a non-swimming person who will help the swimmers over the 12- or 24-hour period.

Help for Heroes was founded to help the wounded servicemen and women returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. The message of the charity is simple, “…ordinary people doing extraordinary things and some of them are living with the consequences of their service for life. We may not be able to prevent our soldiers from being wounded, but together we can help them get better.”

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Steven Munatones