Domenico Acerenza and Angela Martinez Guillen Triumph at European Aquatics Open Water Swimming Cup Leg 1 in Piombino

Domenico Acerenza and Angela Martinez Guillen Triumph at European Aquatics Open Water Swimming Cup Leg 1 in Piombino

In a thrilling start to the European Aquatics Open Water Swimming Cup 2024, Domenico Acerenza of Italy and Angela Martinez Guillen of Spain clinched victories in the men’s and women’s races at Piombino.

Men’s Race: A Last-Minute Surge

Domenico Acerenza emerged victorious after a spectacular finish, clocking in at 1:46:54.16. The race was a close contest until the final moments when Acerenza overtook the French duo, Sacha Velly and Marc-Antoine Olivier. Velly, who led into the final lap, finished a narrow second with a time of 1:46:54.67, just ahead of Olivier who completed the race in 1:46:54.86.

The competition was fierce from the start, with Velly increasing the pace significantly on the fifth lap, pulling ahead to lead the pack. However, it was Acerenza’s strategic move in the last 100 meters that clinched his victory. Italian duo Vincenzo Caso (1:47:07.15) and Andrea Filadelli (1:47:11.49) were fourth and fifth.

Women’s Race: A Masterful Final Lap

On the women’s side, Angela Martinez Guillen executed an impeccable race strategy, taking the lead in the final stretch to win with a time of 1:56:37.81. She outpaced strong competitors including Ginevra Taddeuci of Italy, who finished in second place at 1:56:39.46, and Caroline Jouisse of France, who secured third place with a time of 1:56:40.33.

Throughout in the women’s race with Airi Ebina of Japan, Oceane Cassignol, Barbara Pozzobon and Ginevra Taddeuci all headed the field at some point. But Angela Martinez Guillen’s victory was marked by her remarkable final lap, where she navigated past the leading swimmers and managed to maintain her lead against a highly competitive field. Her performance in the closing stages of the race was both strategic and resilient, showcasing her ability to excel under pressure.

Looking Ahead

Both Acerenza and Martinez Guillen have set high standards for the upcoming legs of the European Aquatics Open Water Swimming Cup. With Acerenza preparing for the Olympic year and Martinez Guillen demonstrating her competitive edge, the next races in Barcelona promise more excitement and fierce competition.

The next event in the series is scheduled for June 29 in Barcelona, Spain, where swimmers will once again battle for supremacy in the open waters.

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