Don Swartz And Ken DeMont On Swim Coach Direct

Don Swartz And Ken DeMont On Swim Coach Direct

Courtesy of Don Swartz & Ken DeMont of Swim Coach Direct, Marin, California.

North Bay Aquatic’s Don Swartz [shown on left and a member of the American Swimming Coaches Association Hall of Fame] and Ken DeMont write in their Swim Coach Direct blog…

We thought we’d give you an update on how the world of swimming is changing and how you can make your voice heard going forward.

Many of you are aware of FIFA – the world’s soccer organization – and the fiduciary scandals that have ground that organization to nearly a halt. The impact on the world soccer game is enormous.

Many of you are aware that FINA is our sport’s world governing body.

FINA has many similar issues to FIFA. The primary ones are lack of transparency in decision making processes and an unwillingness to share financial records.

FINA has an approximate income of $45,000,000 – yup – 45M – annually. This money comes from sale of TV rights plus sponsorship money. FINA distributes approximately $2,000,000 to the athletes. The obvious question is, where does the rest go?

…read the rest of their commentary here.

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