Don Van Cleve, The Picasso Of The Pacific

Don Van Cleve, The Picasso Of The Pacific

Even before Stève Stievenart and John Muenzer returned back to port, Catalina Channel Swimming Federation veteran observer Don Van Cleve created a beautifully detailed channel swimming map for both of the men – and all swimmers who he serves as an CCSF observer.

The meticulously hand-drawn marine chart shows the line that the Catalina Channel swimmers take between Santa Catalina Island and Palos Verdes Peninsula on the Southern California mailand – and it a greatly appreciated memorabilia of their accomplishment.

The escort boat crew and pilots sign the detailed chart. This work-of-passion is in addition to the comprehensive observer reports that Van Cleve also handcrafts to create documented memories that last a lifetime.

Don has been observing and helping swimmers across the 32.2 km Catalina Channel for decades and his love of the challenge and sport knows no bounds.

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Steven Munatones