Donald McDonald From The Canary Islands To Murmansk

Donald McDonald From The Canary Islands To Murmansk

Courtesy of WOWSA, Murmansk, Russia.

Donald McDonald is a low-key endurance athlete who is one hardened swimmer. McDonald is Iron Iceman from Great Britain who has not only completed an Ice Mile in Lake 32, South Cerne, Great Britain, but also completed the 2015 Ironman Lanzarote in the Canary Islands in 11 hours 17 minutes in 2015.

Fellow Ice Miler John Myatt talks highly of his swimming buddy, “Donald has done nothing but be a constant support to us for the best part of 5 years.

I know that he had to wait patiently for over nine years for his leg to heal in order to complete his Ironman triathlon in Lanzarote. I’m also really proud that he became 238th person in the world to complete an Ice Mile – which I found remarkable due to his low body fat percentage.

He is a special character who is so selfless in supporting others and never likes to take acclaim for his own endeavours.

With his emerging ice swimming career and his Ironman Triathlon feat, McDonald is another Iron Iceman, going long and cold amid an exclusive crowd of male and female athletic adventurers (see list below):

* Pádraig Mallon‪ (Ireland)
* Kellie Joyce Latimer‪ (USA)
‪* Jaimie Monahan‪ (USA)
* Claire Bustin-Mulkern‪ (UK)
‪* Conny Prasser‪ (Germany)
* Corinna Nolan (Ireland)
* Elina Mäkinen (Finland)
‪* Paul Fowler‪ (UK)
‪* John Dyer‪ (UK)
‪* Cerys Thomas‪ (Gibraltar)
* ‪Paolo Chiarino‪ (Italy)
‪* Stuart Hinde‪ (UK)
* Kieron Palframan (South Africa)
‪* Leszek Naziemiec‪ (Poland)
* David Coleman‪ (New Zealand)
* Donald McDonald (UK)
* Mark Hannigan (Ireland)
* Christof Wandratsch (Germany)
* Andrew Ainge (UK)
* Graeme Flitcroft (UK)
* Noel Grimes (Ireland)
* Ger Kennedy (Ireland)
* Stefan Jung (Germany)
* Uli Munz (Germany)
* Philippe Fort (France)

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