Don't Get Stung By A Meanie

Don’t Get Stung By A Meanie

It seems contemporary oceans are returning to their primordial make-up the way jellyfish populations are growing throughout the world.

Ocean Care Solutions reports the following trends, scary for open water swimmers:

• The population of the pink meanies in the Gulf of Mexico is exploding. The pink meanie skips the peanut butter, but it eats jellies.

• It is a full moon in the Gulf of Mexico. Swarms of over a billion moon jellies made it difficult for fishermen to reel their fish.

The types of jellyfish that swimmers can encounter at the beach and in the water of the Gulf include moon jellyfish, sea nettles, cannonball jellies, Portuguese man o war, By-the-wind sailor, pink meanies, mauve stingers and the Australian spotted jellyfish.

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