Don't Push It, Save It For Another Day

Don’t Push It, Save It For Another Day

Although there is occasionally peer pressure among hardened open water swimmers to swim further, swim in increasingly colder bodies of water, and swim in turbulent seas, it is best to keep your own counsel and know your limits.

There is no need to swim in situations where you are uncomfortable or unsure of yourself. There is simply too much inherent risk in the open water when extreme temperatures or conditions exist. Everyone is different.

For some, ice swimming is within their range of abilities. For others, heavy surf is not an issue. But every situation is not for everyone. Notice the male swimmer in the green swim cap in the photo at the Newport Pier-2-Pier Swim above.

So it is with utmost respect when we see swimmers who face the elements and then wisely turn their back on the opportunity to push themselves past their level of comfort. For tomorrow is another day. Mind over matter does not always take into account the physiological limitations when Man faces Nature.

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