Double-Double Channel Swimmer On Open Water Women

Double-Double Channel Swimmer On Open Water Women

Anne Cleveland, who will attempt to become the world’s first ‘double-double channel swimmer‘ by completing a double-crossing of both the English Channel and Catalina Channel, will present an enlightening speech and historical overview at the Global Open Water Conference.

Anne will speak on “Women in Open Water Swimming: a History of Successful Women in Open Water Swimming. She will provide a multitude of examples and reasons why the sport is exploding among the female gender on a worldwide basis.

From Gertrude Ederle and Greta Andersen to Penny Dean and Shelley Taylor-Smith, Anne should have plenty of material on the number of women who have trumped their male counterparts in the open water.

From Oceania, with adventurer Penny Palfrey, to Europe, with British superstar Keri-Anne Payne, women will continue to make their mark on the sport.

Anne’s presentation will be video-taped and archived by the World Open Water Swimming Association for later distribution and submission to the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

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Steven Munatones