Doug McConnell On A Long Swim

Doug McConnell On A Long Swim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The English Channel is often referred to as the Mount Everest of open water swimming.

But there are more difficult channel swims than the English Channel.

The Molokai Channel is one of those mightily difficult channels.

While the water in the English Channel is much colder, athletes swimming between Molokai and Oahu face tropical heat, sharks of various types and sizes, massive ocean swells and tidal flows, Portuguese man o war, jellyfish and potentially large surf.

En route to the Oceans Seven at 8 pm Hawaii time, American Douglas McConnell will attempt to swim the 26-mile (42 km) Ka’iwi Channel. “Only 38 solo swimmers have been successful completing the journey. This swim is part of our quest to help raise funds to help ALS research in search of a cure.”

McConnell’s swim can be tracked here and his comments here. “We invite you to see about the details of the Ka’iwi Channel swim, recent exciting progress in ALS research, some introductions of the A Long Swim onboard team, and a personal note about how overwhelmed with gratitude I am to even find myself approaching the starting line.

This is going to be a wild ride. Win, lose or draw, we will report back from the other side

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