Dr. Caroline Block Honored by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame

Dr. Caroline Block Honored by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame

Ned Denison, chairperson of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame announced the induction of Dr. Caroline Block as an Honor Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Class of 2022.

He explains, “Caroline has completed world record swims, the longest distance, fastest, first ever, earliest and coldest marathons in lakes and oceans. Having earned the title of “Queen of the North Channel” with four successful crossings, more impressively she is also the only swimmer to twice attempted two-way swims. While not completing the second leg, in both cases her elapsed time in the water exceeded 25 hours.

Caroline has also broken barriers in the Santa Barbara Channel: a 44.3 km Santa Rosa Island to Goleta swim and a 30.6 km Oxnard to Santa Cruz Island crossing, the first woman to complete these crossings. In fresh water, she is the only swimmer to have completed (or even attempted) a two-way Lake George swim. Her 103.6 km swim took more than 52 hours and set the world distance record for a multi-segment lake swim. 

As a deaf swimmer, she has often had to fight for access to the same basic information as other swimmers in group events – swim logistics, safety information, announcements, and last minute instructions – a struggle that has both tilted her swim resume toward varied long and difficult solo challenges, and inspired her to advocate for greater inclusion in the sport.

Caroline Block swimming across the North Channel from Northern Ireland to Scotland in 14 hours 31 minutes, escorted by Pádraig Mallon of the Infinity Channel Swimming and Piloting Services
Dr. Caroline Block on WOWSA Live

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