Dr. Caroline Block Swims 52 Hours 24 Minutes Across Lake George

Dr. Caroline Block Swims 52 Hours 24 Minutes Across Lake George

Courtesy of Marathon Swimmers Federation.

Sarah Thomas of four-way English Channel fame swam two other mega swims earlier in her career: 168.3 km in 67 hours 16 minutes across Lake Champlain and 131.6 km in 56 hours 5 minutes in Lake Powell.

Between Wednesday early evening and late Friday night this week, Dr. Caroline Block catapulted herself to a similarly lofty realm of ultra marathon swimming with a 52 hour 24 minute two-way crossing of Lake George in New York.

The 103.6 km swim was unprecedented, conducted under the watchful eye of her escort crew of Elaine Howley, Jeannie Zappe, Rose Buchmann, Deb Henson, Kellie Latimer, and the escort pilot team from WaterHorse Adventures including Captain Jim and Kimberly VanHeste through persistently windy conditions and two nights of cold temperatures.

Women like Dr. Block, Sarah Thomas and Jaimie Monahan are pushing the bar so high in terms of their abilities to swim for days on end, who knows the lengths at which these women will ultimately be able to swim,” asks Steven Munatones. “They are all in their mid-30’s to early 40’s and they seem to get stronger and stronger each passing year.”

In a May 18th 2020 edition of WOWSA Live with Ned Denison, the multi-talented and thoroughly engaging Dr. Block (with Ph.D. in anthropology and a JD from Cornell University) spoke about her career.

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