Dr. Jane Katz Honored At The United Nations

Dr. Jane Katz Honored At The United Nations

Dr. Jane Katz, a well-known author, educator and advocate of all things aquatic, was honored with a Certificate of Merit by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and gave a graciously motivating acceptance speech at the United Nations.

Dr. Katz is an outgoing and ever-active professor at the City University of New York in the Department of Physical Education and Athletics, teaching fitness and swimming to New York City police and firefighters.

As a member of the 1964 USA Synchronized Swim Olympic Team, Dr. Katz helped pioneer the acceptance of synchronized swimming as an Olympic event. At the XXVII Olympiad in Sydney, Australia in 2000, Dr. Katz was awarded the Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur Certificate of Merit to honor her lifetime of “dedication and contribution to the development” of the sport of swimming.

Photos courtesy of Skip Storch.

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