Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde In The Open Water

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde In The Open Water

They are photogenic. They are incredibly physically fit. They smile brightly and wave enthusiastically to the crowds before and after their races.

They hug each other after their races are over. They give great interviews with thoughtful answers. They freely give autographs and are helpful to those who ask.

The world’s fastest marathon swimmers are so nice, gracious and accommodating.

But when the gun goes off at the Olympic 10km Marathon Swim start, a dramatic change occurs. Adrenaline kicks in, competitive juices start to flow and the intensity skyrockets.

When the race begins, the female marathon swimmers shed every veneer of innocence and turn into the ultimate athletic warriors. Their competitive spirit would make any NFL head coach, boxing trainer or boot camp sergeant proud.

While Keri-Anne Payne is a well-known personality in the UK, the world’s media will capture these endurance athletes online, on TV and in slow-motion, introducing their talents and intensity to a global audience.

When the race is over, their smile will light up screens around the world.

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Steven Munatones