Dr. Jim Miller On Preventing Chronic Injuries

Dr. Jim Miller On Preventing Chronic Injuries

In the first issue of the new FINA Aquatics World Magazine, Dr. Jim Miller of the FINA Sports Medicine Committee wrote an educational article on Maintaining Health: The Best Prevention of Chronic Injuries.

Dr. Miller, a physician for many USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Teams, wrote that the key to treating chronic injuries is in their prevention. Dr. Miller, himself a picture of health despite a hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, outlines the three basic principles for the elite, age-group, adult and fitness athletes:

1. Nutrition – as in, refuel during and immediately after training
2. Hydration – as in, drink enough so the color of your urine is clear by mid-day
3. Sleep – as in, sufficient restorative sleep is an absolute requirement

Even with adherence to these three principles, injuries may occur. Dr. Miller strongly advises two additional tenats:

1. The athlete must recognize that the earlier the injury is addressed, the quicker the recovery and the less training is affected.
2. Swimming has unique needs and injuries that are problematic for the athletes. Not only can the injuries be either overuse or traumatic in nature, but also the dry land programs designed for swimming must meet these needs.

While these principles and tenets are fundamental, we enjoyed reading the entire article in the new FINA Aquatics World Magazine.

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Steven Munatones