Dr. Mariusz Wirga Swims For His Patients, Part 1

Dr. Mariusz Wirga Swims For His Patients, Part 1

Courtesy of WOWSA, Long Beach, California.

Some patients the Todd Cancer Institute at the Long Beach Memorial Hospital in California are concerned about food and other essentials.

But Dr. Mariusz Wirga gave his cancer patients a bit of a hugely needed relief and hope.

The medical director for the PsychoSocial Oncology program raised US$3,778 in a week for his financially strapped patients who are undergoing cancer treatments. “Thanks to all donors for their generosity. I swam 2736 meters. That means I have to complete the balance of 1,052 meters tomorrow. The fundraiser continues as the need for food, gas, and to pay bills, for our patients continues. 

Dr. Wirga in Alamitos Bay

I definitely could have swum faster and longer, but the plan was for one hour so I stopped after 1 hour 7 minutes of swimming. In the end, I still had some power in me. I started slowly not knowing how it would go; I maintained the same rhythm for all the distance. Yesterday, I gave US$3000 to Lisa Poormon, the Executive Director of the MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute in the presence of Cindy Gotz, DHSc., MPH, the Director of Business Operations, Lori Tritto MSN, OCN, NPD-BC, Holly Adams, LCSW, one of our social workers who will be distributing the funds, and the hospital foundation staff including Klementina (Tina) X. Sula Vice President of Major Gifts.

The funds will be available to patients starting Monday. It is incredible – in one week we were able to make such a difference. Such a joy it is to have such wonderful people with such generous hearts.”

He explains, “More and more patients and their families suffer food shortages and have difficulty paying for utilities, mortgages, and other bills. Sometimes, they don’t have gas to get for their appointments.  At the MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute, we are committed to helping patients achieve the best treatment outcomes. Still, without food, with worry about your bills, and with no way to get to appointments and treatments, the outcomes can’t be that good. So, we want to find solutions.

To donate and support Dr. Wirga’s wish to help his patients, visit here. Part 2 continues tomorrow at Alamitos Bay in Long Beach, California.

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