Dr. Mariusz Wirga Swims For His Patients

Dr. Mariusz Wirga Swims For His Patients

Courtesy of WOWSA, Long Beach, California.

Dr. Mariusz Wirga has a big heart. He was the highest donor at the Swim Across America event in Long Beach, California in 2012. And now he is off organizing and planning another charity swim.

The medical director for the PsychoSocial Oncology program in the Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Memorial Hospital in Long Beach, California knows that some of his patients at the Todd Cancer Institute cannot afford food or other essentials.

But, Dr. Wirga is willing to do anything to help. So he plans to entered the Pacific Ocean and swim an kilometer to help his patients. On February 20th, his birthday, he will swim 1000 meters without a wetsuit. While ice swimmers and those from climates colder than Southern California may not think swimming in 12-13°C water is particularly tough – but it remarkably so for Dr. Wirga and those from warmer parts of the world.

He explains, “More and more patients and their families suffer food shortages and have difficulty paying for utilities, mortgages, and other bills. Sometimes, they don’t have gas to get for their appointments.  At the MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute, we are committed to helping patients achieve the best treatment outcomes. Still, without food, with worry about your bills, and with no way to get to appointments and treatments, the outcomes can’t be that good. So, we want to find solutions.

However, it takes time to set up fundraising campaigns and establish special funds to reach the needed families. And the money is needed now. So, hoping that those of you who like me will support me in this fundraiser.  

For my birthday on February 20th, I plan to do an open water swim 1000 meters without a wetsuit. The water temperature in the Alamitos Bay is 55°F (12-13°C).  I have never swum such a distance in such cold water, so there is this insecurity.  But that is nothing in comparison to food insecurity that many families now experience. Please help and donate generously.” 

The swim will take place at 12 noon on February 20th at Alamitos Bay at Mother’s Beach, 5839 Appian Way, Long Beach, California 90803. 

To donate and support Dr. Wirga’s wish to help his patients, visit here.

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