Dr. NakaMats' Inventive Mind Underwater

Dr. NakaMats’ Inventive Mind Underwater

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach.

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu or Dr. NakaMats is the world’s most prolific inventor with 3,357 patents to his name. How he has remained so inventive from the age of 5 to his current age of 84 is highly unusual.

He uses the water.

Specifically, he dives under the surface to create a self-imposed hypoxic condition as he jots down notes on his (patented) waterproof notepad.

One of my methods is to create underwater. There’s too much oxygen inside the brain. The brain cannot produce new inventions. In other words, the lack of oxygen makes better creation from the brain. Therefore, I dive under the water. Then, finally before death, I create suddenly in the brain. I always dive under the water to create higher level of inventions.”

He balances death with inventiveness. “The brain reaches maximum activity 0.5 seconds before death, then I can suddenly create a breakthrough.”

So if you are doing hypoxic training, think of something…new.

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Steven Munatones