Dr. Svimmm Completes His Dream Swim In The Bodensee

Dr. Svimmm Completes His Dream Swim In The Bodensee

Courtesy of Oliver Halder, Bodenseequerung, Germany.

Sven Eckardt completed his dream swim.

The 47-year-old German swimmer from Gärtringen, known as Dr. Svimmm, became the first handicapped swimmer to finish a widthwise crossing of the Bodensee (Lake Constance), the largest lake in Germany.

The weather was great, but the conditions across two-thirds of the total distance was hard,” reported Oliver Halder. “Wind, waves and currents came from the wrong direction and he had a hard job to do. However, he finished the swim after a time of 5 hours 33 minutes where he covered a distance of 11.46 km.”

Photo above shows Eckardt with Thomas Treutler who swam the same double crossing in 2016, Oliver Halder, 6-time Bodensee swimmer Hamza Bakircioglu, escort pilot Reinhold Wentsch, and Carina Halder.

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