Dramatic Data On Sarah Thomas' Century Swim

Dramatic Data On Sarah Thomas’ Century Swim

Wind Speed in Knots during Sarah Thomas’ Century Swim over 50 hours of non-stop swimming

Water Temperature in °C on Sarah Thomas’ Century Swim over 50 hours of non-stop swimming

Swimming Speed in km/hour on Sarah Thomas’ Century Swim over 50 hours of non-stop swimming

Courtesy of TRACK.RS, Marathon Swimmers Federation, Lake Champlain.

One of the most remarkable tools in the open water swimming world over the last 20 years has been the technological ability to track swimmers in the water in near real-time.

Commercial GPS units and services are available for solo swimmers and race directors to help him understand the distances and progress they make during a swim of any distance.

Without a doubt, the most useful and game-changing service in the marathon swimming world is the TRACK.RS service that was developed by Evan Morrison,” says Steven Munatones. “The very reasonably priced service is now the go-to tracker in the open water swimming world with features that include real-time interactive maps, distance and speed analytics, and live weather data.

The Advanced Adventure Tracking system enables fans and friends from around the world to follow swimmers like Sarah Thomas on her ultra-marathon swims like her 104.6-mile (168.3 km) course on the island loop route suggested by Karl Kingery and crew.

She is now some 50 hours 18 minutes into her Century Swim (see here) and swimmers can check out her speed and the conditions over the last 83.9 miles (135 km) that she has traversed non-stop over the last two days.

The data augments in detail the photos and videos that have emerged from Lake Champlain [see here] and show periods of glassy, tranquil waters intermixed with windy and more turbulent conditions on Days 1-2 for Thomas‘ 168.3 km current neutral course [see above examples].

Thomas’ support team of 13 includes observers Evan Morrison and Elaine Howley, husband Ryan Willis, mother Becky, sister Melody, cousin Alex Thomas, kayaker Scott Olson, photographer Ken Classen, pilot Phil White, navigators Andrew Malinak and Craig Lenning, and chief encouragement officer Cathy Delneo, and course coordinator Karl Kingery.

Follow her course here. For updates, photos and videos, visit here.

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