Dramatic Prison Island Swim From Île d’If

Dramatic Prison Island Swim From Île d’If

Dramatic Prison Island Swim From Île d’If

Courtesy of WOWSA, Île d’If, Marseille, France.

Alexandre Dumas wrote an adventure novel in 1844 called The Count of Monte Cristo.

In the 1844 novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantès escaped from the impregnable Château d’If where he had been unjustly sentenced to life imprisonment. He swam to his freedom.

Alexandre Dumas’ story of the fictional hero covers Dantès’ wrongful imprisonment, his escape from jail, his acquisition of fortune, and his revenge on those responsible for his imprisonment.

In the modern world, many others have been able to replicate the dramatic swimming escape from the Château d’If on Île d’If since 1999.

2,500 swimmers take part in the annual 1 km, 2.5 km, 3.5 km, and 5 km Défi de Monte Cristo open water swims.

Held in Marseille, France, the popular prison island swim sells out quickly (maximum field limit: 2,500). The 2020 Défi de Monte Cristo is is held on June 18th – 21st.


1999 5 km Top 3 Results:
1. Natallia Makarskaya 1:05:42.37
2. Noam Franchi 1:06:22.82
3. Robin Pla 1:06:26.63

1999 3.5 km Top 3 Results:
1. Jules Rémy 44:42.02
2. Didier Padovani 49:37.06
3. Élie Minguet 55:27.95

1999 5 km by Night Top 3 Results:
1. Didier Padovani 1:08:48.51
2. Johannie Mehl 1:14:08.86
3. Eric Davy 1:22:32.40

1999 5 km with Fins Top 3 Results:
1. Laurent Sanchez 52:00.21
2. Arnaud Fougasse 52:09.04
3. Kim Bernard 52:21.72

For more information, visit www.defimonte-cristo.com.

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