Drive Up, Swim Down - An Unprecedented California Journey

Drive Up, Swim Down – An Unprecedented California Journey

Never in the history of California has anyone done what Zach Jirkovsky has set out to do.

He drove from Southern California to Northern California…something that millions of residents and visitors to California regularly do. But he is swimming back.

The swimmer-on-loan from the Ventura Deep Six team, Jirkovsky is swimming back south with the Night Train Swimmers.

As night falls on the Night Train, the team of six remains about 5 miles out from the zigzagging California coastline. “The seas are calm with the water at 59 degrees F and six-foot swells,” explained Vito Bialla. “All is well, but we are all tired on the Sequel. We did 40 miles from San Francisco to Arguello [before mechanical difficulties made them limp into Santa Cruz for repairs]. Now we have swum 109 miles so far during leg two from Santa Cruz to Breaker point. We are well over the halfway mark of the current world record of 202 miles [done by Ventura Deep Six].”

The team is making great progress down the coast as they swim towards San Simeon and San Luis Obispo despite the second straight rough night with jellyfish is a non-stop stinging mood.

Everyone is tired, but our spirits remain high,” glowed Captain Bialla as he navigates the team down the coast. They fought an oncoming head current throughout today, but tonight the winds may start turning in their direction and will help push them along towards Santa Barbara.

Photo shows the torso of Kim Chambers where she encountered Dozens of jellyfish on her latest one-hour tour of duty.

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