Driven Featured In Montana

Trailer 2.0 from Element 8 Productions on Vimeo.Courtesy of Mark Johnston, Flathead Lake Open Water Swimmers, Montanaa.

There are all kinds of cult and documentary swimming films and movies enjoyed by swimmers.

The short and feature-length films are produced from Argentina and America to Germany and Great Britain with all kinds of story lines, mostly how swimmers overcome all sorts of obstacles and conditions to triumph in the open water.

Examples of the contemporary films include:

*Agua (with cameos by Edith van Dijk)
*Big River Man (featuring Martin Strel)
*On A Clear Day (about a fictional Frank Redmond)
*Dancing In The Water (featuring Matthew Moseley)
*Arctic: The Present and The Future (featuring Alexandr Brylin and Grigorii Prokopchuk)
*Crossing Hell’s Mouth (featuring Frank Chalmers)
*Defeating Oceans Seven (featuring Stephen Redmond)
*The Greatest Englishman (about Captain Matthew Webb)
*Two Swimmers (featuring Tim Denyer and Mark Rickhuss)
*Profile on Natalie du Toit (featuring Natalie du Toit)
*Adventures on the Waves (featuring Davida Čecha)
*S9 – Marcelo Collet (featuring Marcelo Collet)
*Mercedes: The Spirit of a New Age (featuring Mercedes Gleitze)
*50 year old Freshman (featuring Suzanne Heim-Bowen)
*Kanalschwimmer (featuring Jose Mataafá, Bryan Finlay and Christof Wandratsch)
*Swimming with Skyscrapers (featuring James Pittar)
*BlueJourney-Amerika Samoa – Stronger Together: The Waterman’s Way (with Bruckner Chase)
*Marathon – Peggy Büchse im Rio Parana (featuring Peggy Büchse)
*The Finish Line (featuring Natalie du Toit)
*The Other Shore (featuring Diana Nyad)
*Swim for the River (featuring Christopher Swain)
*Source to Sea: The Columbia River Swim (featuring Christopher Swain)
*The Human Body: Strength – Endurance (featuring Paul Hopfensperger)
*Winter Swimming (with Jack Bright and 1.PKO)
*Adversarial Tides (featuring Michael Vovk, Chris Dahowski, David Hartmire and Jen Schumacher)
*Driven (featuring Evan Morrison, Cherie Edborg, Fiona Goh)

Driven, one of the most recent documentaries celebrated by the open water swimming community, will be one of the featured films at the Flathead Lake International Cinemafest in Polson, Montana between January 23rd at 7:00 pm.

Driven: A Glimpse Inside the World of Marathon Swimming is an exceptional documentary exploring the obscure yet fascinating sport of marathon swimming,” describes Mark Johnston of Flow Swimmers. “Follow three individuals: swimming veteran Evan Morrison, novice swimmer and single mom Cherie Edborg, and 13-year-old Fiona Goh as they attempt to swim up to 20 miles across the Santa Barbara Channel. In frigid water, without wetsuits, in the dead of night, these three swimmers put everything on the line to chase a dream. With expert commentary by notable marathon swimming figureheads Ned Denison, David Yudovin, and Scott Zornig, this film illuminates this extraordinary but unheralded endurance sport and searches for what it really means to be driven.

Filmmakers Ben Pitterle, who served as writer, co-director, and co-producer, and Brian Long, the films co-director, co-producer, and director of photography will travel from Southern California to attend the showing and lead a post-screening Q&A.”

Individual movie tickets can be purchased for US$5.00 at the Showboat Cinemas on Main Street in Polson and All Access weekend passes are available online here. Visit for more information and movie schedule.

The Flathead Lake Open Water Swimmers (Flow Swimmers) is a group of pool and open water swimmers, located in Polson, Montana headed by Mark Johnston.

Julian Rusinek, a channel swimmer from California, talks about DRIVEN. “DRIVEN penetrated directly into my strongest childhood memories. I wasn’t watching a movie about swimming, I was being told a story. Rarely do we see a movie that is larger than the screen itself. DRIVEN by far was one of those movies that I became absorbed in its characters, its story, and its cinematography. It achieves a three-dimensional reality and freedom of movement that is exciting and new.”

Kelley Prebil was similarly positive about the film. “DRIVEN shows what true marathon swimming is and what it takes to be a marathon swimmer. Marathon swimmers are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They all do it for different reasons with a core base of pushing themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically. The movie shows what it really takes to be a marathon swimmer as there is really little hoopla, press, or attention-seeking involved. Marathon swimmers don’t have to be the fastest swimmer or have the best technique or been swimming since childhood; they just need the drive to accomplish their goals which can’t be taught. Driven shows that marathon swimming isn’t about conquering a body of water, it’s a journey in learning about the human spirit…with just a swimsuit, cap, and goggles.”

Masters swimmer Eric Peters said after his viewing, “I am a U.S. Masters pool swimmer that thoroughly enjoyed this film. I liked the stories of the three swimmers and how different each was, yet they all had a common love of ocean marathon swimming. I was inspired to swim more, especially in the ocean! This film is a must see for all swimmers and non-swimmers.”

Belinda “Bee” Eichenwald shared her impression of the film, “I thought I was an endurance athlete until I saw this movie. I was truly humbled. Not only did these athletes go through rigorous training program but they had to fight so many elements to achieve their goal. Their mental tenacity was truly impressive! Inspiring, uplifting, motivating and amazingly all true stories.”

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