Drury Gallagher's Legacy Lives On - The 30th Anniversary Swim

Drury Gallagher’s Legacy Lives On – The 30th Anniversary Swim

Marjorie Spitz of Swim Free announced that the oft-decorated founder of the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim Drury Gallagher is getting back into action. Drury, who is being inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame this year at a special United Nations ceremony, has been a competitive swimmer for over 60 years.

Marjorie explains, “He feels strongly that now is the time to give back to the sport that has given so much to him and others like, and is dedicated to providing both adults and children who are less fortunate and never learned to swim, the opportunity to do so.”

Drury will return to the open water on July 16th to tackle the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim as part of a four -person relay team. It will be the 30th anniversary since he first launched the annual swim in honor of his eldest son, Drury, Jr who died in a tragic accident.

Proceeds benefit the learn-to-swim programs for children and adults throughout the country. Drury has set the goal of raising US$100,000 for Swim Free during 2011, and $20,000 of that by May 15th. To donate, click here.

Donors will receive a Swim Free Angel sweatshirt and bracelet. Swim Free Angels and Swim Free for Pennies are two of the programs that will benefit.

Drury is being recognized this year by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame for his various activities including the legacy he leaves behind with the Manhattan Island Swimming Association that he set up in 1981 to stage the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. In September 1982, the first annual Manhattan Island Marathon Swim was held as a memorial swim in memory of his eldest son, Drury, Jr who died in a tragic accident the previous year. Earlier in 1982, Drury did his own solo swim around Manhattan Island with his friend and English Channel 8-time veteran, Thomas Hetzel. This year will mark the 30th anniversary of the event, a tribute to Drury’s vision and early support and to those who have carried on the tradition with the NYC Swim.

Swim Free was designated as NYC Swim’s preferred charity, and its events are utilized as fundraisers for hundreds of swimmers, continuing the tradition and raising significant funds for charity programs.

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