Drying Out Your Ears With Mack's Ear Dryer After Swimming in Pool or Open Water

Drying Out Your Ears With Mack’s Ear Dryer After Swimming in Pool or Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Seal Beach, California.

Mack’s Ear Dryer is battery-driver handheld device that dries ears naturally with warm, soothing air after swimming.

Drying your ears after you get out of the water is critical, especially if there is a possibility of swimming through slightly polluted water or there is any urban runoff in your nearby lake or ocean,” says Steven Munatones.

Mack’s Ear Dryer was invented by an ears nose throat doctor to safely and effectively dry the ear canal where bacteria and fungi can grow. The device quickly dries water from swimmers’ ears – safely and comfortably removing moisture buildup, including behind hearing aids. It eliminates the need for using ear drops and cotton swabs.

The cordless device includes 4 color-coded, washable earpieces for better hygiene between multiple users.

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Steven Munatones