Dying On Dry Land - Saved By Swimming

Dying On Dry Land – Saved By Swimming

Dying on Dry Land was the theme of Dr. Bruce Becker’s acceptance speech at the 2011 International Swimming Hall of Fame ceremonies in Florida. For the past three decades, Dr. Becker has research the effects of aquatic activities on people with disabilities, injuries or ailments. He has shown that exercise in the water maximizes the effect of exercise and rehabilitative recovery.

His research has also shown that simply being submerged still in water up to the neck increases cardiac output by 30%.

An extraordinarily prolific scientist and physician, he has written 91 publications and delivered 203 presentations since 1975.

He has proven that the aquatic environment produces changes in the body that help remove metabolic waste, improve cardiac function, lower blood pressure, assist in tissue healing and aiding in circulatory, pulmonary, and musculo-skeletal systems.

A selfless individual who is one of the heroes of our society is an individual like Dr. Becker,” explained Bruce Wigo, CEO of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. “This is one common characteristic of those who received these International Swimming Hall of Fame awards.”

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Steven Munatones