Dynamic Duos Cross Channel From Taiwan To China

Dynamic Duos Cross Channel From Taiwan To China

The fourth Xiamen-Kinmen Swim drew 75 two-person teams to the 8 km cross-channel crossing of the Taiwan Strait.

Escorted by kayakers and canoeists with safety buoys on each swimmer, the swimmers came from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. With the start on Kinmen on Taiwan and the finish at Xiamen on mainland China, Yao Han and Zhang Zibin won in 1 hour 31 minutes.

Yang Dandan and Lei Shan were the victorious women’s team in 1 hour 35 minutes. “It’s difficult to swim in a straight line and sometimes you have to guess the direction. Apart from that, it’s smooth swimming,” said defending champion Yang Dandan, a 17-year-old from the Fujian Swimming and Diving Administrative Center.

The winners of the men’s and women’s groups picked up 25,000 yuan (US$3,900) each in prize money. “More important than the prize money is the endurance and courage we exhibited in the competition,” Yang to reporters of China Daily.

In a remarkable change in history, Taiwan’s Kinmen used to be a military stronghold against the Chinese mainland, but it is now a contemporary hub of person-to-person exchanges that helps strengthen ties among all Chinese people. In future years, we predict there will be multitudes of teams crossing the channel, including those from throughout Oceania, the Americas, Africa and Europe.

Information courtesy of Sun Li and Humei Dong of the China Daily.

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Steven Munatones