Eat Where You Train - Double Dipping On Health

Eat Where You Train – Double Dipping On Health

Eat Where You Train – Double Dipping On Health

Courtesy of Catharine Arnston, Boston, Massachusetts.

ENERGYbits® is an organically grown, toxin-free, Non-GMO algae tablets – excellent for human health. But, frankly, algae is not looked on as a basic food group, at least in the United States…as opposed to countries like Japan.

ENERGYbits® founder Catharine Arnston describes her product, “A handful of algae tables satisfies hunger, provides energy, improves focus, removes toxins, supports health, boosts skin and hair, and ensures nutritional needs are met. ENERGYbits has one ingredient, no chemicals, caffeine, sugar or processing and is the most sustainable, safe, eco-friendly, crop in the world.”

You can mix the ENERGYbits® with a bit of crunched macadamia nuts, and many people and I think the taste becomes better,” says Steven Munatones who nominated ENERGYbits® for the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year. “ENERGYbits® helps consumers understand the health, athletic and environmental benefits of algae, the world’s most nutrient dense, high protein, plant-based, sustainable food and has been endorsed by the United Nations and World Bank as the answer to world hunger. It has also been endorsed by NASA and scientific organizations as the most natural, safe, pure, eco-friendly food that improves energy, focus, athletic performance, longevity and wellness.

ENERGYbits® has brought algae into the Western mainstream where it is desperately needed because the world is toxic, the oceans are polluted, the soil is nutrient deprived, athletes are fuelled with unhealthy sugar, and rates of chronic diseases are skyrocketing. Algae removes toxins, prevents or reverses most chronic disease, is a sustainable crop, and is not only the most nutritionally dense food in the world but also the most scientifically studied food in the world (100,000 studies).

Catharine has worked tirelessly to communicate the benefits of algae to consumers, athletes or environmentalists with a creative and easy-to-understand message while she has created a nutritional product that can not only help people heal naturally, but it it is also very sustainable and eco-friendly

Arnston also recently shared her thoughts about the current global crises and worries about the coronavirus (COVID-19), “People are scrambling to find ways to protect themselves from getting sick. Although there are no vaccines available for 12-18 months, we don’t want you to panic. You can protect yourself naturally by boosting your health with algae.

You can take these two simple steps (read more here):

* Take chlorella algae that will strengthen your immune system, boost white blood cells, and increase your natural killer cells that help prevent and fight the virus.
* Take spirulina algae that attacks and breaks down viruses at the cellular level to stop them in their tracks.

Our immune system is our body’s defense mechanism against invading bacteria and viruses,” explains Dr. Will Cole. “Without a strong immune system, you are more likely to fall prey to illnesses, especially during the winter months when the flu virus abounds. That’s why I always load up during this time with immune-supporting foods like spirulina and chlorella. These superfoods have been shown to support the immune system and significantly cut the severity of influenza symptoms.”

For more information on RECOVERYbits® 100% chlorella algae tablets, ENERGYbits® and BEAUTYbits® 100% spirulina tablets, and VITALITYbits® blend of 50% spirulina and 50% chlorella algae, visit

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