Ed Accura On RLSSUK Podcast

Ed Accura On RLSSUK Podcast

Courtesy of Royal Life Saving Society UK.

Ed Accura, the co-founder of Black Swimming Association and the protagonist of A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim [see below] that chronicles his experiences in learning how to swim while addressing typical stereotypes and modern myths that have been perpetuated about black people and swimming, and how those factors play into Accura’s own anxiety and borderline trauma.

The film discusses some of the social reasons behind why drowning affects black communities at such a disproportionate rate.

Accura was the guest of the Royal Life Saving Society UK podcast here. Listen here.

The Black Swimming Association (see here) is a non-profit organisation that Accura set up to achieve the following:

  • Highlight swimming as an essential and invaluable life-saving skill for all communities.
  • Promote education among the Black community as well as other ethnic minority communities on water safety and drowning prevention measures.
  • Ensure that the issues that preclude these communities from engaging in aquatics are researched, understood and  adequately addressed.
  • Collaborate with national aquatic governing bodies, brands and other charities in order to drive participation, engagement and inclusion for ethnic minority communities in aquatics. 
  • Support opportunities that make aquatics more accessible for people of colour.

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