Ederle Swim Adapts To Mother Nature

Ederle Swim Adapts To Mother Nature

The Ederle Swim, started in 1925, is along a 17.5-mile (28K) course from New Jersey to New York.

It is always a tough swim with 7 out of 11 swimmers finishing in 2007, 1 out of 13 swimmers finishing in 2008 and 3 out of 13 finishing in 2009.

2010 looks to be another tough year, especially with strong winds (30 mph or 48 kph).

But the NYC Swim race organizing staff do everything they can to help the swimmers navigate and complete the course. In a remarkable change of plans, NYC Swim completely changed the direction of the course – no easy feat because several government permits must be resubmitted and approved – and time of the start.

Great move, fast action and smart thinking on behalf of the swimmers who will now start in the dark at 4:45 am and will swim from New York to New Jersey.

The records for the Ederle Swim are held by Lance Ogren in 5:20:00 set in 2008 and by Nancy Steadman Martin in 5:53:12 set in 2006.

Photo by Lance Ogren shows Hannah Borgeson in 2009 swimming past the Statute of Liberty.

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